Sofa Comfort Options

Okay, so you’ve chosen the style of sofa you love and found the perfect fabric, which means it's time to think about comfort. The main factors that affect how your sofa will feel are the seat cushion filling, the height, and depth of your seat.

Seat Cushions

Trying the different seat fillings is when you have your Godilocks moment.

We have three different seat fillings and they’re all comfortable and supportive and extremely durable. But comfort is a subjective choice and we can’t tell you which one is better.

Don’t be nervous about choosing because we’re here to help. And you know, we know our stuff!

Premium Comfort
Our firmest filling. It has a core of Dunlop Enduro Foam which is encased in a fibre wrap. It is very even in appearance and maintains its shape perfectly. Premium Comfort is the filling that is included in our listed sofa prices.

Luxury Comfort
With the same Enduro core, but encased in a memory foam wrap. As the name suggests, it has a more luxurious feel and the memory foam provides a softer sit. It also maintains its shape perfectly.

Feather Comfort
Also starts with the Enduro core and is encased in, you guessed it, feathers! It’s a little hard to describe but it is squishier, yet supportive. There is a little more maintenance required with feather seat cushions (plumping) and they have a more lived in look as the feathers settle.

Made to Measure

Seat depth and height can make a real difference to your comfort, so again we’re giving you options. Suffice to say, that any of our sofas can be made in any depth and height you like. Depending on how you relax on your sofa and how tall you are, you may want to add extra depth so you have more sofa to sink into. On the other hand, if you are vertically challenged or aren’t as young as you used to be, you might choose to reduce the depth of your sofa a little, or increase the overall height.

Let's Get Comfy!