Unique Coffee Tables: The Heartbeat of Your Living Room

Your living room is not just another room; it's a canvas that reflects your style, a gathering spot for loved ones, and a sanctuary where every piece of furniture tells a story. Among these, the coffee table often takes centre stage, offering more than just a spot to rest your cup. Let's delve into the world of unique coffee tables and how they can transform your living space.

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Why Opt for a Unique Coffee Table?

A coffee table is much more than a functional piece; it's a focal point that can make or break your living room's aesthetic. Choosing a unique coffee table can inject personality into your space, serve as a conversation starter, and even reflect your individual style.

Exploring Materials and Designs

When selecting a unique coffee table, the materials and design play a crucial role. From sleek glass tops to organic wooden bases, the choices are endless. Consider a table that contrasts with your existing décor to make a bold statement or one that complements it to create harmony.

Glass: A Touch of Sophistication

Glass coffee tables add a touch of elegance and can make a small space appear larger. Whether it's a clear design or one with a tinted finish, glass tables blend seamlessly with any decor style.

Wood: Natural and Timeless

Wooden coffee tables bring warmth and a hint of nature into your living room. Opt for a piece with an unusual wooden base or an interesting inlay to add character to your space.

Metal: Modern and Edgy

Metal coffee tables can introduce a modern or industrial edge to your living room. Whether it's a geometric base or an intricate design, metal tables are durable and stylish.

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Size and Shape Matter

The size and shape of your coffee table are crucial in maintaining the balance and flow of your living room. A round table can soften a room filled with angular furniture, while a rectangular piece can offer more surface area and align well with longer sofas.

Functionality Meets Style

Who says a coffee table can't be both stylish and practical? Look for tables with hidden storage, adjustable heights, or built-in trays to combine functionality with flair.

DIY and Custom Designs

For those who love a personal touch, consider a DIY project or commission a custom-made piece. This approach not only gives you a unique table but also a story to tell.

Styling Your Coffee Table

Styling your coffee table is the icing on the cake. Use books, vases, or sculptures to create visual interest. Remember, the top of your table is a mini-display area that can reflect your personality and interests.


Unveiling MOMU’s Unique Coffee Table Collection

Moray Coffee Table 

Moray is not just a coffee table; it's a piece of art that promises to enliven your space with its unique vertical lines and playful round shape. Its contrasting base marries a contemporary aesthetic with timeless design, ensuring it will become a beloved focal point in any room. Crafted with devotion from prime American Oak, the Moray Coffee Table is an investment in your home's future, echoing the essence of Melbourne's distinguished craftsmanship.


  • Contemporary round design with a contrasting base
  • Handcrafted from first-grade American Oak
  • Customisable size options
  • Made in Melbourne



  • $4,450
A beautiful picture of innovative design, blending materials for a stunning visual effect.

Mode Coffee Table 

Mode redefines practical elegance with its sleek, modern form, integrating 100% style with 100% storage. Equipped with two discreet drawers on soft-close runners, it ensures that every square inch is utilised to keep your space tidy and stylish. Handmade to order from American Oak in Melbourne, Mode is the pinnacle of functional design and discreet storage solutions.


  • Sleek, modern design with ample storage
  • Two drawers on soft-close runners
  • Customisable dimensions
  • Handcrafted from American Oak



  • $3,890
A beautiful picture of crafted detail, with tables that showcase artisanal mastery.

Salta Coffee Table 

Introducing the Salta, a coffee table designed to captivate with its low-lying structure and edgy, modern presence. Its minimalist form and sleek lines create a dramatic shadow line that will enhance any living space with a touch of theatrical flair. Individually handcrafted from American Oak, Salta's bold vision of contemporary design is a statement piece destined to impress.


  • Low-lying, edgy design with sleek lines
  • Dramatic shadow line effect
  • Custom size and finish options
  • Made to order from American Oak in Melbourne



  • $3,890
A beautiful picture of unexpected shapes, breaking the mold for a refreshing change.

Conclusion: Your Coffee Table, Your Statement

Your choice of coffee table can dramatically influence the ambiance of your living room. Whether you prefer a minimalist design or a bold statement piece, the key is to select a table that resonates with your personal style and complements your living space. So, dive into the world of unique coffee tables and choose one that not only serves its purpose but also elevates your living room to a work of art.


Your Dream Coffee Table Awaits

Discover the coffee table that will transform your home into a beautiful, functional haven. Our unique designs, rooted in Melbourne craftsmanship, await your personal touch. Don’t settle for ordinary; choose MOMU for a bespoke centrepiece that reflects your style.

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