The Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Perfect Side Table for Your Melbourne Home

In the quest to furnish your Melbourne home with both style and function, the humble side table often emerges as a surprisingly pivotal piece. Far from being a mere afterthought, the right side table can tie a room together, offering both aesthetic appeal and practicality. Whether you're nestled in a cozy apartment in the CBD or sprawled out in a spacious home in the suburbs, this guide will lead you through the nuances of selecting the perfect side table that not only complements your space but elevates it.

A beautiful picture of the perfect side table, accentuating living spaces with its understated elegance and versatile charm.

Understanding the Basics: What to Look For

Size Matters

The first step in choosing a side table is considering its size in relation to your existing furniture. A common mistake is selecting a table that's either too high or too low next to your sofa or bed. The ideal height for a side table is roughly level with the arm of the chair or sofa it will sit next to, ensuring everything you need is within easy reach.

Functionality vs. Style

Think about what you'll use your side table for. Is it to hold a cup of tea and a book next to your favourite armchair, or do you need additional storage space in a cramped apartment? Melbourne's unique blend of modern and heritage architecture lends itself to a variety of styles, from sleek, minimalist designs to more ornate, traditional options. Consider a table with drawers or shelves if you need extra storage, or a statement piece that serves as a conversation starter.

Style Selection: Finding Your Fit

Melbourne is known for its eclectic style, from the chic, contemporary interiors of its urban apartments to the charming, detailed character of its Victorian homes. Your side table should reflect and complement your home's overall aesthetic.

Modern Marvels

For a modern Melbourne home, look for side tables with clean lines and minimalist designs. Materials like glass, metal, and polished wood work well in contemporary spaces, offering a sleek and sophisticated look.

Heritage Charm

If your home leans more towards the traditional or has historical elements, choose a side table that echoes this charm. Think classic shapes, detailed carvings, and richer, darker woods that add depth and warmth to your space.

A beautiful picture of sleek oak lines captures the bespoke quality of the perfect side table for any refined decor.

Material Matters: Selecting the Right Substance

The material of your side table not only affects its look but its longevity and maintenance needs.


Wooden side tables offer a timeless appeal, with a variety of finishes and grains to choose from. Whether you opt for a light, Scandi-inspired oak or a dark, elegant walnut, wood adds natural warmth to your space.


Metal side tables bring a modern edge to a room, with options ranging from industrial iron to chic brass or copper. They're also durable and easy to care for, making them a practical choice for busy households.


Glass tables can make a small space feel more open and are perfect for showcasing rugs or beautiful hardwood floors. They require regular cleaning to stay smudge-free but offer a lightness and elegance unmatched by other materials.

Shopping Local: Melbourne's Best Finds

Melbourne boasts an array of furniture stores and local craftsmen offering unique side tables that can't be found elsewhere. Exploring local markets, boutique furniture shops, and even online marketplaces can uncover gems that perfectly match your style and needs. Remember, purchasing locally not only supports Melbourne's vibrant community of artisans and entrepreneurs but also ensures you're bringing a piece of the city's creative spirit into your home.


MOMU's Bespoke Side Table Collection

Miller Side Table

Description: The Miller Side Table is a charming and versatile piece, with dimensions of D 60 x H 55cm. Its playful character is perfect for any nook in need of a statement. 

Price: $2,290, handcrafted to order. 

Unique Feature: Available in various stains or satin paint finishes, making it a customizable delight for any decor.

A beautiful picture of artisanal craftsmanship highlights the perfect side table as a small wonder in home furnishings.

Lusso Side Table

Description: The Lusso Side Table, sized W 65 x D 45 x H 50cm, brings a bold and sleek aesthetic to the room, serving as a powerfully understated centrepiece. 

Price: $3,250, meticulously crafted upon request. 

Unique Feature: Its commanding presence belies its compact size, offering a dash of grandeur to even the smallest of spaces.

A beautiful picture of a side table nestled by a couch, the perfect companion for your coffee and books.

Maxi Side Table

Description: The Maxi Side Table, retailing at $750, is a charming and compact piece, sized at W 40 x D 38 x H 50cm, ideal for adding a touch of practicality and style to any room. 

Unique Feature: Its portability makes it not just a simple furniture piece but a versatile companion for various settings around your home. 

Price: $750, with a choice of natural oak or ebony stain finishes. Crafted with care from American Oak in Melbourne.

A beautiful picture of the perfect side table, with its striking stain finish, offering a unique touch to interiors.

The Final Touch

A side table is more than just a piece of furniture; it's an integral part of your home's design and functionality. By considering the size, style, material, and local Melbourne options, you can select a side table that not only serves its purpose but also adds to the beauty and comfort of your living space. Remember, the best choice reflects your personal style and meets your practical needs, making your Melbourne home a true reflection of you.


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