The Magic of Ottomans: A Classy Touch to Melbourne Homes


For those who appreciate a blend of style and practicality, nothing complements a well-curated home quite like an ottoman. This versatile piece of furniture will change the way you view your living room, bringing a new level of comfort and functionality. Whether you're in the heart of Melbourne or nestled in a quaint suburban house, an ottoman from Momu seamlessly fits into your lifestyle.

The Versatility of Ottomans

.Ottomans are the chameleons of furniture, effortlessly transitioning between roles to suit your needs. One day, it's your footrest as you unwind with a good book. The next is a handy coffee table for your weekend brunch or a comfortable extra seat when guests come calling. Imagine the possibilities—and the space-saving benefits—that make them a perfect fit for both cosy apartments and spacious homes in Melbourne

Momu's Custom-Made Ottomans

At Momu, we believe in crafting furniture that is a reflection of your personal style and needs. That's why every ottoman we make is tailored to your preferences. This commitment to personalisation runs deep into every facet of our ottomans, from the material to its final dimensions.

Whether you lean towards the warm and cosy feel of fabric or the sleek and chic allure of leather, we have got you covered. But that's just the start. Our customisation goes beyond aesthetics, as you can also adjust the size to find the perfect fit for your space.

Our ottomans aren't just products; they are individual stories of style, comfort, and versatility. Let's get to know some of these characters:


Meet Como, the most sleak design in our ottoman collection. It's a special round ottoman that brings a distinct chic touch to any living space. Particularly versatile, it’s comfy enough to rest your feet and stylish enough to hold your coffee table books.


For those who like to live large, Hereford is the 'big daddy' of ottomans. It's the go-to piece when you want to stretch out in style and comfort. A sure-shot way to add a piece of grandeur to your space.

Omni Bench

Looking for extra seating or a stylish addition to your dressing room? Omni Bench is your answer. It fits seamlessly into various settings without missing a beat. And yes, it's more than comfortable enough for those quick sit-downs during your busy day.


Delta is the jack-of-all-trades in our ottoman lineup. It effortlessly morphs from a daybed to a coffee table and even to extra seating when you need it. It's all about adapting to your needs without compromising on style.


Say hello to Messina, the epitome of compact functionality. It is perfectly suited for those who want to conserve floor space without missing out on the added comfort and utility of an ottoman.

One thing that’s common among all our models is the Momu’s 10 year warranty. It stands as a testament to our commitment to quality, durability, and peace of mind. When you choose a Momu ottoman, you're not just getting a piece of furniture; you're investing in a handcrafted, lasting piece that's uniquely yours.

Sustainability at Momu

In line with Melbourne's commitment to environmental sustainability, we prioritise ethical sourcing and production methods. Our ottomans are crafted with sustainably sourced timber, Australian hardwood frames, and GECA-certified foams. Because when it comes to making your home beautiful, we believe it shouldn't be at the expense of our planet. Plus, for our customers who prefer cruelty-free options, we offer vegan-friendly alternatives that don't compromise on style or comfort.

Choosing Your Perfect Ottoman

Every home is unique, and so should be your ottoman. Deciding on the perfect ottoman comes down to assessing your needs. Do you need extra seating, or are you after a stylish footrest? The size, fabric, and intended purpose all come into play. At Momu, we make your decision-making process a breeze, offering a wide range of fabric and leather options that are as durable as they are fashionable. Our team of experts is always ready to guide you through the selection process, ensuring you end up with an ottoman that is just right for you.

Delivery and Installation

Beyond creating your perfect ottoman, we're dedicated to ensuring it reaches you smoothly and seamlessly. Our team provides regular updates throughout the production journey, keeping you in the loop. And when the big day comes, our experienced delivery team will handle everything, from a punctual delivery to a careful installation in your Melbourne home. Should you need help with the disposal of an old ottoman, we’ve got that covered too. It’s all part of the Momu service.


Ottomans may be small, but their impact is mighty. With their delightful blend of style, functionality, and versatility, they offer a simple way to add a touch of sophistication to your space. Whether you prefer to match your ottoman with your sofa's fabric or opt for a contrasting statement piece, the possibilities are endless with our made-to-order, fully customisable ottomans.

Visit MOMU Today!

Are you ready to discover the perfect ottoman for your Melbourne home? Explore the versatile range at Momu and experience the difference a well-placed ottoman can make in your space.

To get started, feel free to reach out to our customer care team. They are available Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m. (AEST) on 1300 052 495. Alternatively, you can email us at or fill out the contact form on our website. We also have a live chat option available during the same hours.

We're excited to help you find the perfect ottoman that complements your living space and lifestyle. Let's bring your vision to life!

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