Revamping Your Entryway: A Guide to Decorating Your Console Table

Your entryway is the first impression visitors get of your home. It sets the tone, reflecting your personal style and creating an inviting atmosphere. A well-decorated console table can be a focal point, offering both functionality and flair. In this guide, we'll explore creative and practical tips for styling your console table, transforming your entryway into a captivating space.

A beautiful picture of a Console Table that melds minimalism with grandeur for an arresting foyer display.

Choosing the Right Console Table

Before you begin styling, selecting the right console table is crucial. It should complement your entryway's size and overall decor. Opt for a design that balances aesthetics with functionality, providing ample space for decorative objects while accommodating essentials like keys and mail.

Materials and Design

  • Wooden Tables: Offer warmth and a touch of nature.
  • Metal Tables: Add a modern, industrial vibe.
  • Glass Tables: Create an illusion of more space and light.

Styling Your Console Table

Create a Theme

Your console table's decor should harmonize with your home's overall style. Whether you're drawn to minimalist elegance or eclectic charm, let your theme guide your choices.

Anchor with Artwork or a Mirror

  • Artwork: Choose a piece that resonates with you, setting the tone for the display.
  • Mirror: A well-placed mirror enhances light and space, making your entryway appear larger.

Incorporate Lighting

A stylish lamp with a beautiful sofa set beside it not only illuminates your entryway but also adds height and interest to your console table setup. Choose a lamp that complements the table's style and the room's ambiance.

Add Greenery

Plants breathe life into your entryway, adding color and freshness. Whether it's a lush potted plant or a simple vase of flowers, greenery infuses vitality into the space.

A beautiful picture of a Console Table, making a statement of sophistication in the simplest of hallways.

Personal Touches

Incorporate elements that reflect your personality, such as favorite books, travel souvenirs, entertainment units or family photos. These items add character and make the space uniquely yours.

Functionality Meets Style

While aesthetics are important, don't overlook the practical aspects. Use trays or decorative bowls to organize small items, ensuring your console table serves both decorative and functional purposes.

Seasonal Updates

Keep your entryway fresh by updating your console table decor with seasonal items. This could be as simple as changing the floral arrangement or incorporating holiday-themed decorations.


MOMU's Chic Console Table Collection 

Angelo Console Table 

The Angelo console table is an exquisite fusion of arches and curves, meticulously designed to enrich and accentuate your interior space. 


  • Artistic arches and curved design
  • Dimensions: L 140 x D 40 x H 85cm
  • Handcrafted to order in Melbourne
  • Customisable size and finish options
  • Crafted from premium American Oak 
  • Warranty: Comes with a solid 5-year warranty 
  • Price: $4,990

Bring the Angelo console table's sculptural beauty into your home. Enquire now for a custom creation.

A beautiful picture of sleek silhouettes, with lines that draw the eye and hold attention.

Kaizen Console Table 

The Kaizen console table challenges tradition with its futuristic triangular legs and square top, a nod to geometric playfulness. 


  • Modern geometric aesthetics
  • Size: L 140 x D 50 x H 85cm
  • Melbourne-made with customisable options
  • Crafted from durable American Oak
  • Eco-friendly timber from sustainable sources 
  • Warranty: Protected by a 5-year warranty
  • Price: $4,790

Choose the cutting-edge design of the Kaizen console table, made to your specifications.

A beautiful picture of functional elegance, where decor and practicality reside in harmony.

Lola Console Table 

Daring to be different, the Lola console table juxtaposes sharp angles with one smooth circular leg for a unique artistic statement. 


  • Innovative and asymmetrical design
  • Compact dimensions: L 120 x D 40 x H 80cm
  • Custom size and finish tailored for you
  • Constructed from first-grade American Oak
  • Sustainably-sourced wood with custom stains 
  • Warranty: Includes a 5-year warranty as standard 
  • Price: $4,150

Create your one-of-a-kind Lola console table with MOMU's bespoke service. Contact us today.

A beautiful picture of ornate woodwork, turning a simple table into an intricate masterpiece.


Decorating your console table is an opportunity to showcase your style and create an inviting entryway. By combining practical elements with personal touches and seasonal updates, you can create a dynamic focal point that welcomes you and your guests. Remember, the key is to strike a balance between form and function, allowing your console table to not only captivate but also cater to your everyday needs.

Transform your entryway into a testament to your style, making every entrance and exit a memorable experience. MOMU's craftsmanship is a testament to meticulous artistry, where every detail is a stroke of design ingenuity, steeped in Melbourne's rich tradition of quality and style.

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