Meet MOMU's Exclusive Range of Console Tables - Perfect for Melbourne Homes


At MOMU, we believe every piece of furniture tells a story. And a stylishly handcrafted console table is an unsung hero, quietly adding its charm to enhance the beauty of your home. Our console tables are not just for dropping your keys in a hurry; they're a statement, a piece that enriches your home's character.

Melbourne’s Love for Stylish Living

Melbourne is a city known for its style, and this style doesn't stop at the doorstep. Interior design here is as unique as the city skyline, with many Melbournians looking for that chic edge in their homes. And while a console table might not be the first thing that comes to mind for home furnishing, you'd be surprised by the appeal it can add to your space. That's precisely where a MOMU console table might just become your home's new best friend.

Introducing Our Range: Angelo, Boyd, and Kaizen

At MOMU, variety is the spice of furniture. That's why we've curated a unique range of console tables - Angelo, Boyd, and Kaizen. Each one is handcrafted in Melbourne, showcasing its own unique personality and style. It's like having a guest at a dinner party—they all bring something special to the table.

Angelo: Curves to Adore

First on the list is Angelo, a true embodiment of curves and arches. Don't be fooled by its delicate appearance. Handcrafted from American oak, Angelo is as sturdy as it is stylish, and it's sure to fill your space with grace. And guess what? It could be an Angelo in a size that fits your space perfectly, thanks to our custom size options.

Boyd: Modernity at Its Best

Next up, meet Boyd. With its sharp lines and architectural intrigue, it's here to impress. A bit like that guest at the party who's got some pretty interesting stories to tell. Hand-crafted from American Oak in Melbourne, Boyd is modernity personified and adds some crispness to any corner it adorns.

Kaizen: Bold, Geometric, and Stylish

Finally, let's talk about Kaizen. With its unique triangular legs and square top, Kaizen is like that fashion-forward friend who's always ready to make a stylish statement. It's bold, it’s creative, and it’s waiting to bring a playful flavor to your space. And remember, like all MOMU pieces, Kaizen can be made to fit your exact needs, be it size or finish.

What sets Our console Tables Apart?

Alright, the introductions are done. But you might be wondering, What makes these console tables stand out? Well, we're not just about looks at MOMU. Our console tables are backed by superior craftsmanship and commitment to sustainability. We're talking sustainably sourced timbers, perfect finishes, and a 5-year warranty that speaks volumes about their durability.

Your Console, Your Way: Making It Personal

We say, let your furniture speak for you. So why not customise it to reflect your personality? Whether it's Angelo, Boyd, or Kaizen, we're here to craft your dream console table, just the way you want it. Make it longer, shorter, deeper, or pick a finish that complements your vibe. Remember, it's all about 'what you want' here at MOMU.

MOMU Console Tables in Melbourne: Designed for Your Home

Fancy a peek at our exclusive console tables? We're waiting for you at our Melbourne showroom. But for those cosy on their sofas, you can always discover our range on our website. And don't worry about the waiting game. We aim to deliver your console table within 10–12 weeks, and we'll keep you updated throughout the journey.


To wrap it up, MOMU's Angelo, Boyd, and Kaizen are not just console tables. They are pieces that add a unique edge to your Melbourne home. Each one is handcrafted, stylish, and, most importantly, echoes your personal style. So if you're on the hunt for a console table that's more than just a place to drop off your keys, you know where to find us.

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