Guide to Choosing a Large Modular Sofa for Spacious Living

A large modular sofa is an excellent choice for those with ample living space, providing flexibility, comfort, and ample seating for entertaining or relaxing. These sofas can be configured in various ways to suit your room's layout and your lifestyle needs. Here's how to choose and make the most out of a large modular sofa in your home.

A beautiful picture of a Large Modular Sofa, demonstrating how it elegantly anchors a spacious living room.

Benefits of a Large Modular Sofa


Modular sofas come in sections that can be arranged and rearranged to fit different spaces and uses. This makes them perfect for large family rooms, open-plan living spaces, or multi-functional rooms.

Customizable Layouts

With a modular design, you can create an L-shape, U-shape, or separate the pieces to use as standalone seating areas. This flexibility allows you to adapt the furniture to your living space as it changes over time.

Ample Seating

Large modular sofas typically offer more seating than traditional sofas. They are ideal for larger families or those who enjoy hosting guests, ensuring everyone has a comfortable spot.


Modular sofas often come with plush cushioning and supportive backrests, making them the ultimate comfort zone for lounging, watching TV, or napping.

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Choosing the Right Large Modular Sofa

Measure Your Space

Before shopping, thoroughly measure your living space. Consider not only the maximum size of the sofa but also the different configurations you might want to try. Ensure there is enough room for walking around and other furniture.

Consider the Fabric

Choose a fabric that fits your lifestyle and the room’s decor. Durable, easy-to-clean materials like synthetic fibers or leather are ideal for families with children or pets, while luxurious fabrics like velvet might be better suited for a formal room.

Check the Frame Quality

A sturdy frame made from hardwood or metal will ensure that your sofa holds up over time. Avoid particleboard or plastic frames, which may be less durable.

Think About the Modules

Consider the types of modules available. Some sofas offer modules with built-in storage, recliners, or sofa beds, adding functionality to the furniture.

Styling Tips for Large Modular Sofas

Use Area Rugs to Define Spaces

Place a large area rug under your modular sofa to anchor the arrangement and define the seating area within a larger room.

Add Throw Pillows and Blankets

Introduce color, texture, and extra comfort with throw pillows and blankets. Choose colors that complement the sofa and the overall decor of the room.

Incorporate Side Tables and Coffee Tables

Place side tables and a central coffee table around the modular sofa to enhance functionality. These provide space for lamps, drinks, and decor items, making the seating area more practical and inviting.

Consider Lighting

Good lighting can make a big difference in how your modular sofa area feels. Consider floor lamps or overhead lighting that enhances the ambiance and usability of the space.


Explore Spacious Luxury with MOMU's Large Modular Sofas

Delve into the luxurious world of MOMU's large modular sofas, specifically crafted to provide unmatched comfort and a stylish aesthetic to expansive living spaces. Each model in our collection showcases the pinnacle of craftsmanship and design, tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern lifestyles. Whether for family gatherings, hosting friends, or enjoying a quiet evening, our modular sofas adapt to your life seamlessly.

Conran Modular Sofa


The Conran Modular Sofa combines the classic comfort of its original design with expanded versatility. Measuring an impressive 255 cm both in length and depth, it offers ample space for relaxation and socialising. It's perfect for those who need a sofa that adapts to various seating arrangements while maintaining a luxurious and comforting presence.


Priced at $14,450, the Conran includes premium comfort cushions and top-tier Momu fabric, ensuring both a lavish feel and exceptional durability.


Conran is backed by a 10-year warranty, reflecting our commitment to quality and enduring service.

Showroom Details

Experience the Conran Modular and its versatile elegance in person at our showroom:

  • Location: 12 Ardena Ct, Bentleigh East VIC 3165
  • Hours: Thursday to Saturday, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm, with bookings available for other times and virtual appointments.
A beautiful picture of versatile configurations, adapting seamlessly to any room layout.

Aquila Curve Modular Sofa


The Aquila Curve Modular Sofa, with its contemporary design featuring soft angles and deep cushions, offers unparalleled comfort and style. Stretching 395 cm in length, it is an ideal choice for both family-oriented and entertainment setups, providing ample room and a welcoming atmosphere.


Available for $11,790, the Aquila Curve includes all the standard luxurious features expected from MOMU.


This sofa also enjoys a full 10-year warranty, ensuring it remains a part of your home for years to come.

Showroom Details

Visit our showroom to sit back and relax in the Aquila Curve, and see how it transforms your living space.

A beautiful picture of contemporary design that meets functional needs with style.

Felix Modular Sofa


The Felix Modular Sofa, known for its sleek and modern design, is gently angled to maximize seating without overwhelming the room. Measuring 250 cm in length and 97 cm in depth, it's a stylish and practical choice for any modern living area.


The Felix is priced at $8,950, inclusive of premium comfort cushions and Momu fabric.


Like all MOMU sofas, the Felix comes with a 10-year warranty, underscoring our commitment to your long-term satisfaction.

Showroom Details

Explore the dynamic design of the Felix Modular by visiting our showroom at the address provided above.

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A large modular sofa can transform a spacious room into a cozy, stylish, and functional gathering place. By considering the layout, materials, and quality of your modular sofa, you can create a comfortable and welcoming environment that adapts to your lifestyle and decor preferences. Whether for casual family gatherings or elegant social events, a large modular sofa offers the perfect blend of comfort and versatility.


Discover Your Perfect Modular Sofa Today

Whether you're looking to redesign your living space or enhance it with luxurious comfort, MOMU's large modular sofas offer the perfect solution. Visit our showroom to experience the craftsmanship and beauty of each piece, or contact us for more information and personalized advice.

Enquire now and let us help you find the modular sofa that fits your lifestyle and space.

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