Finding the Perfect Armchair in Melbourne: A Guide to Style, Comfort, and Local Craftsmanship

Melbourne, with its rich cultural diversity and strong design appreciation, provides an extensive selection of options for those seeking the ideal armchair. Whether you are looking for a piece that makes a statement, provides supreme comfort, or supports local artisans, Melbourne's furniture scene has you covered. This guide will help you navigate the various options, ensuring you find an armchair that meets your style preferences and functional needs.

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Why Invest in a Quality Armchair?

Comfort and Functionality

A good armchair offers more than just a place to sit; it provides comfort and support, making it a crucial piece of furniture in any home. Whether for reading, relaxing, or enhancing a living room's aesthetics, an armchair serves multiple purposes.

Style and Aesthetics

Armchairs come in a variety of styles, from modern minimalist designs to classic and luxurious options. Choosing the right style can complement your existing decor and act as a focal point in a room.

Longevity and Craftsmanship

Investing in a high-quality armchair from reputable Melbourne makers ensures a piece that lasts. Local artisans often use superior materials and techniques that extend the life of their furniture.

Key Considerations When Choosing an Armchair

Size and Fit

Consider the size of the room and where the armchair will be placed. Ensure it fits comfortably in the space without overcrowding. Additionally, think about the scale in relation to other furniture in the room.

Material and Durability

The choice of material affects both the look and the durability of the armchair. Leather, for example, is durable and ages well, while fabrics like velvet add a touch of luxury and comfort but may require more maintenance.

Comfort and Ergonomics

Test the armchair to ensure it suits your comfort needs, especially if you plan on using it extensively. Look for good back support, comfortable seat depth, and appropriate armrest heights.


Choose a style that fits your home's decor. Melbourne offers designs ranging from contemporary to traditional. Consider whether you want the chair to stand out as a statement piece or blend seamlessly with your other furnishings.

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Where to Find Armchairs in Melbourne

Custom Furniture Makers

For something unique, consider custom furniture makers who can design an armchair to your exact specifications. Melbourne is home to many talented artisans who can create a piece perfectly suited to your preferences.

Online Retailers

Many local stores also have online platforms where you can browse options, read reviews, and sometimes even customize your chair from the comfort of your own home.

Vintage and Antique Shops

For those who love a vintage look, Melbourne’s antique shops and markets can be great places to find unique, previously-loved armchairs that are full of character.


Discover Unique Comfort: MOMU's Exclusive Range of Armchairs

Immerse yourself in a world of exclusive comfort with MOMU’s unique collection of armchairs, each piece meticulously crafted to ensure a perfect blend of style and relaxation. Explore the distinctive designs of the Soho, Chelsea, and Capri armchairs, designed to enhance any living space with their unmatched comfort and aesthetic appeal.

Soho: Enhancing Comfort and Style

The Soho armchair is a testament to refined comfort. Its proportions (W 85 x D 82 x H 82 cm) are perfectly balanced to enhance your living space without overwhelming it. Ideal for those seeking a comfortable alternative to traditional seating, Soho promises to be your new favourite spot.

Price: $4,250
Warranty: 10-year full warranty
Showroom: Experience the comfort of Soho in our Melbourne showroom.

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Chelsea: Stylishly Sociable

Chelsea redefines modern seating with its compact, curved design and a unique 360-degree swivel base, making it as sociable as it is stylish. Measuring W 80 x D 90 x H 80 cm, this armchair is perfect for dynamic and contemporary living areas.

Price: $3,950
Warranty: 10-year full warranty
Showroom: View Chelsea at our Melbourne showroom.

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Capri: Statement in Chic Comfort

Capri stands out as a statement piece with its slimline frame and generous proportions. Measuring W 100 x D 95 x H 84 cm, it combines chic design with inviting cushions, making it the ultimate in sophisticated lounging.

Price: $4,150
Warranty: 10-year full warranty
Showroom: Capri is available for viewing in our showroom.

A beautiful picture of this designer armchair, accentuated by minimalist decor.


Melbourne's furniture landscape offers endless possibilities when it comes to finding the perfect armchair. Whether you opt for a modern piece from a high-end furniture gallery, a custom-made chair tailored to your preferences, or a vintage find from a local market, ensure it meets your aesthetic desires, comfort needs, and quality standards. With the right choice, an armchair can transform a space, providing both function and style to your living environment.


Make It Yours with MOMU

At MOMU, we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and attention to detail, ensuring that each armchair not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Whether you are drawn to Soho's refined elegance, Chelsea's modern twist, or Capri's bold statement, each chair is a masterpiece of comfort and design.

Visit Us: At 12 Ardena Ct, Bentleigh East VIC 3165, open Thursday to Saturday from 10:00am to 3:00pm. Bookings for other times and virtual appointments are also available.

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