Fabric Ottomans: The Ultimate Guide to Stylish and Practical Living Room Décor

Looking to elevate your living room décor with a blend of style and functionality? Fabric ottomans might be just what you need. These versatile pieces of furniture can transform any space, offering both aesthetic appeal and practical utility. Whether you're after a chic footrest, extra seating, or a stylish coffee table alternative, a fabric ottoman can meet your needs. Let’s dive into why fabric ottomans are a must-have for your living room and how to choose the perfect one.

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What Makes Fabric Ottomans So Popular? 

Fabric ottomans have gained popularity for several reasons. Here are a few key benefits:


Ottomans come in various shapes and sizes, making them incredibly versatile. They can serve as footrests, extra seating, coffee tables, or even storage units. This multifunctionality makes them a smart addition to any living room.


Unlike traditional coffee tables, fabric ottomans provide a comfortable place to rest your feet. They can also be used as additional seating when you have guests over, offering a plush and cosy option.


Available in a range of colours, patterns, and textures, fabric ottomans can enhance your living room’s aesthetic. They can complement your existing furniture or act as a statement piece to draw attention.

Choosing the Right Fabric Ottoman

When selecting a fabric ottoman for your living room, consider the following factors:

Size and Shape

The size and shape of your ottoman should complement your living room’s layout and your existing furniture. Here are some popular options:

  • Round Ottomans: Ideal for smaller spaces, these can add a soft, inviting touch to your living room.
  • Square or Rectangular Ottomans: These are great for larger areas and can double as coffee tables.
  • Storage Ottomans: Perfect for decluttering, these ottomans open up to reveal hidden storage space.

Fabric and Colour

The fabric and colour of your ottoman can set the tone for your living room’s décor. Consider these options:

  • Velvet: Adds a luxurious feel but may require more maintenance.
  • Linen: Offers a casual, relaxed vibe and is easy to clean.
  • Cotton: Durable and available in various prints and patterns.
  • Leather: Although not a fabric, leather ottomans offer durability and easy maintenance.

Choose a colour that either complements your existing décor or provides a striking contrast. Neutral tones are versatile and timeless, while bold colours can make a statement.


Think about how you plan to use your ottoman. If you need extra storage, opt for a storage ottoman. If you want a piece that can be easily moved around, choose a lightweight option with castors.

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Styling Your Fabric Ottoman

Once you've chosen the perfect ottoman, it's time to style it. Here are some tips:

As a Coffee Table

Place a tray on top of your ottoman to create a stable surface for drinks and snacks. You can also add decorative items like candles, books, or a small vase of flowers to enhance the look.

As Extra Seating

Pair your ottoman with a cosy throw and some cushions to make it inviting for guests. This is especially useful during gatherings when you need additional seating.

As a Footrest

Position your ottoman in front of your sofa or favourite chair. Add a matching or complementary throw to tie the look together and ensure maximum comfort.

Maintenance Tips for Fabric Ottomans

Keeping your fabric ottoman looking its best requires a bit of care. Here are some maintenance tips:

Regular Cleaning

Vacuum your ottoman regularly to remove dust and debris. Use a soft brush attachment to avoid damaging the fabric.

Spot Cleaning

Address spills and stains immediately. Blot the stain with a clean cloth and use a fabric cleaner suitable for your ottoman’s material. Avoid rubbing, as this can spread the stain.

Deep Cleaning

Depending on the fabric, you may need to have your ottoman professionally cleaned periodically. Check the manufacturer’s care instructions for guidance.


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Hugo Ottoman

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Transform your living space with the Hugo Ottoman. Use it as a day bed, coffee table, or extra seating. Made in Melbourne with a 10-year warranty, it’s available in custom sizes and fabrics to suit your needs.

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Hex Ottoman

Price: $2,160

Meet the Hex Ottoman, your ultimate versatile furniture piece. Perfect for any room, this Melbourne-crafted ottoman offers custom sizes and fabrics. Backed by a 10-year warranty, it’s a stylish addition to your home.

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Fabric ottomans are a stylish and practical addition to any living room. With their versatility, comfort, and wide range of design options, they can enhance your space in multiple ways. Whether you need extra seating, a chic footrest, or a functional coffee table, there’s a fabric ottoman out there to meet your needs. Choose the right size, shape, and fabric to match your décor, and enjoy the perfect blend of style and functionality in your living room.

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