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Is your living room truly complete without a cosy armchair? Doubtful. Armchairs are not just about comfort—they're key players in defining the style of your home. Whether you're looking for a place to curl up with a good book, sip a cup of tea, or simply relax after a long day, investing in a good quality armchair can change your home for the better. If you're seeking the finest armchairs in Melbourne, let us introduce you to some highlights from our collection here at MOMU.

Why Choose MOMU Armchairs?

Choosing the right armchair involves more than just picking a style you like—you need to consider quality, comfort, and longevity too. At MOMU, we pride ourselves on providing an array of beautifully designed armchairs that don't compromise on comfort. Each piece in our collection is crafted to match your style, suit your space, and support your relaxing moments. Plus, we have an array of customisation options, a commitment to sustainability, and a flawless delivery process. But enough about us—let's dive into the armchairs.

Capri Armchair

The Capri armchair is the epitome of classic flair combined with modern comfort. With its timeless silhouette and sturdy design, the Capri is a delightful addition to any home. If you want a unique touch, we offer a plethora of customisation options. You can choose the size, fabric, and even decide if you'd like it with an ottoman.

And don't worry, we won't overwhelm you with excessive fabric choices. We'll guide you through a curated selection of durable and fashionable materials that are included in our base price. We're all about conscious comfort—our Capri armchair, like all our armchairs, is made from sustainably sourced timbers and GECA-certified foams.

Dali Armchair

Next in our lineup is the Dali armchair, a paragon of sleek design and ultimate comfort. Offering an optimal balance between compactness and comfort, Dali ensures you don’t need to compromise one for the other.

Our customisation options mean you can have your Dali armchair exactly the way you want it. Need it deeper, higher, or in a specific fabric? Consider it done. From selecting materials to final touches, we'll keep you in the loop, ensuring the end product is a piece of furniture you absolutely love.

Chelsea Armchair

Meet Chelsea, a perfect blend of elegant design and cosy vibes, making it a wonderful addition to your living space. Chelsea's 360-degree swivel base gives it a social edge, making your home gatherings more engaging.

Chelsea allows for a high level of customisation. Want a different size or fabric? Fancy an ottoman to put your feet up? At MOMU, we're all about making your dream armchair a reality.

Our fabric selection process is straightforward. We offer a range of durable, trendy, and comfortable fabrics that fit into our “included” price range. And if you've got a specific fabric in mind, we can source that for you too.

Tokyo Armchair

Next, let's talk about Tokyo. This armchair breaks the stereotype that edgy designs can't be comfortable. With its sophisticated and edgy appearance, Tokyo surprises with its extreme comfort factor.

At MOMU, we let you customise your Tokyo armchair to your heart's content. From size to fabric type, even to adding an ottoman—we can make it happen in just 8 weeks. Our sustainability efforts also mean that your Tokyo armchair will not only be stylish and comfortable but also a commitment to reducing carbon emissions.

Salona Armchair

Introducing Salona, the armchair that's as comfortable in the corner of your bathroom as it is in your open-plan living room. With its compact design, the Salona armchair can easily fit into your space while offering an ergonomic design for reading or relaxation.

We ensure you get Salona just as you want it. Choose any size, fabric, or even an addition like an ottoman. Our customer-friendly approach is all about turning your dream armchair into a reality.

Choosing the right fabric for your Salona armchair is a piece of cake with MOMU. We've curated a range of sturdy, comfy, and stylish fabrics that are included in our base price. If you want something unique, we can source any fabric you desire.

Soho Armchair

Last but not least, meet Soho. This armchair brings comfort without overwhelming your space. In other words, missing out on a seat on the sofa won't be considered bad luck when you have the Soho armchair as an alternate.

We're here to make your dream Soho armchair. It can be any size, in any fabric, with or without an ottoman—just as you like it. Choosing the perfect fabric for your Soho armchair is effortless at MOMU. We offer a range of durable, comfortable, and stylish fabrics that are included in our base price.


Finding the perfect armchair is all about harmonising your style with comfort. And at MOMU, that's our specialty. Our broad array of armchairs, each with its unique charm and comfort, helps you create the space you've always dreamed of. From Capri's timeless appeal to Soho's space-friendly design, MOMU armchairs cater to a myriad of preferences.

Just remember, our armchairs are as flexible as they're stylish. They can be customised in size, fabric type, and even adorned with accessories like ottomans. And our commitment to sustainability means your comfort won't come at the expense of our planet.

Visit MOMU Today!

We've designed armchairs that are more than just a place to sit—they're a place to live, relax, and enjoy. And the best part? They're right here in Melbourne. So, whether you're after a classic Capri, a delightful Dali, a charming Chelsea, a trendsetting Tokyo, a stylish Salona, or a space-saving Soho, make MOMU your go-to destination for 'Armchairs Melbourne'.

Need more details or want to explore our collection? Connect with our team via phone at 1300 052 495, or email us at enquiry@momu.com.au. For an in-person experience, visit our showroom at 65 Renver Rd., Clayton, VIC 3168. We're here to assist you in your journey to the perfect living room.

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