Discover the Ultimate Luxury Armchair: Transform Your Living Space

Creating an inviting and stylish living room is all about selecting the right pieces of furniture, and nothing embodies comfort and sophistication quite like a luxury armchair. Not only does it offer a perfect spot to unwind, but it also adds a statement of elegance to your home decor. In this article, we will explore the key elements to consider when choosing a luxury armchair and how to integrate it seamlessly into your living space.

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What Defines a Luxury Armchair?

Unparalleled Comfort and Support

A luxury armchair is more than just a piece of furniture; it is a haven of comfort. High-quality padding, ergonomic design, and supportive features are essential. Look for chairs with memory foam cushions or down-filled options to ensure the utmost comfort.

Premium Materials

The material of your armchair plays a significant role in both its appearance and durability. Opt for top-grain leather, velvet, or high-end fabrics that not only feel luxurious but also stand the test of time.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Attention to detail is what sets luxury armchairs apart. Handcrafted wooden frames, meticulous stitching, and intricate designs all contribute to the chair's opulent feel. Ensure that your chosen armchair showcases superior craftsmanship.

Choosing the Perfect Luxury Armchair for Your Home

Consider Your Space

Before making a purchase, measure your living area to ensure the armchair will fit without overwhelming the room. A well-proportioned chair enhances the aesthetic without dominating the space.

Complementary Style

Your luxury armchair should blend seamlessly with your existing decor. Whether your style is modern, contemporary, or classic, select a chair that complements your overall theme. Neutral colours such as grey, beige, or white are versatile choices, while bold hues can make a striking statement.

Functionality and Placement

Think about how you will use your armchair. Is it for a reading nook, a focal point in your living room, or additional seating in your bedroom? The placement will influence the style and type of chair you choose.

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Integrating a Luxury Armchair into Your Living Space

Creating a Focal Point

A luxury armchair can serve as a stunning focal point in any room. Position it near a window to take advantage of natural light, or place it beside a fireplace for a cosy reading spot. Enhance the area with a stylish side table and a floor lamp.

Layering Textures and Accessories

Add depth and interest to your armchair by layering it with plush throws and decorative cushions. Mixing textures, such as a velvet chair with a cashmere throw, creates a tactile and visually appealing setup.

Harmonising with Other Furniture

Balance is key when integrating a luxury armchair into your decor. Pair it with a matching sofa or a contrasting piece to create a cohesive look. Ensure that all your furniture pieces work together harmoniously in terms of colour, style, and scale.

Maintenance Tips for Your Luxury Armchair

Regular Cleaning

To keep your armchair looking pristine, follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. For fabric chairs, vacuum regularly to remove dust and debris. For leather chairs, use a damp cloth and specialised leather cleaner.

Protecting from Sunlight

Direct sunlight can fade and damage upholstery. Place your armchair away from windows or use UV-protective window treatments to shield it from harsh sunlight.

Handling Spills and Stains

Address spills immediately to prevent stains. Blot the spill with a clean, dry cloth and avoid rubbing, which can spread the stain. For stubborn stains, consult a professional cleaner.


Discover the Perfect Luxury Armchair: Why the Chelsea, Tokyo, and Dali are Must-Haves for Your Home

Chelsea: Compact Sophistication with a Sociable Twist

Price: $3,950 (includes Momu Fabric)

Dimensions: W 80 x D 90 x H 80cm

The Chelsea armchair is a compact masterpiece, perfectly curved to add a touch of sophistication to any room. Its recessed 360-degree swivel base ensures that it is not only stylish but also highly functional, making it an ideal piece for social settings. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each Chelsea armchair is individually made to order by experienced upholsterers using traditional techniques and the finest quality materials.

Warranty: All our armchairs come with a full 10-year warranty, showcasing our commitment to their durability and longevity.

Showroom: Chelsea is on display in our showroom in Melbourne.

chelsea sofa set of momu

Tokyo: Sophisticated Comfort Redefined

Price: $3,950 (includes Momu Fabric)

Dimensions: W 75 x D 75 x H 92cm

The Tokyo armchair seamlessly blends sophistication with an edgy design. Despite its striking appearance, the Tokyo surprises with its exceptional comfort, making it a standout piece in any home. Each Tokyo armchair is crafted in Melbourne with a focus on quality and detail, ensuring it not only enhances your decor but also provides lasting comfort.

Warranty: All our armchairs come with a full 10-year warranty, a testament to their enduring quality and reliability.

Showroom: Tokyo is available for viewing in our Melbourne showroom.

Modern upright port colour boucle armchair with black timber legs

Dali: Timeless Elegance and Comfort

Price: $3,950 (includes Momu Fabric)

Dimensions: W 78 x D 80 x H 78cm

The Dali armchair is designed to complement any of our sofa designs with its elegant and comfortable structure. Its versatile style makes it a perfect addition to any living space, blending seamlessly with various interior themes. Made with high-quality materials and traditional craftsmanship techniques, the Dali armchair promises both beauty and durability.

Warranty: All our armchairs come with a full 10-year warranty, reflecting our dedication to their quality and longevity.

Showroom: Dali is on display in our showroom in Melbourne.

Compact camel colour tub chair with black timber legs


A luxury armchair is an investment in both comfort and style, enhancing the ambiance of your living space. By considering factors such as comfort, material, craftsmanship, and integration with your existing decor, you can select the perfect armchair that not only meets your needs but also reflects your personal style. Whether you prefer a classic design or a modern statement piece, a luxury armchair will undoubtedly transform your home into a sanctuary of relaxation and elegance.

Embrace the luxury and comfort of a beautifully crafted armchair, and let it become the highlight of your living room, providing a perfect blend of style and functionality for years to come.

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