Discover MOMU: A Beacon of Craft and Quality in Melbourne's Furniture Scene

In the heart of Melbourne, a city celebrated for its rich culture and design heritage, lies MOMU—a haven of exquisite, Australian-made furniture that embodies a legacy of craftsmanship and quality design. As a family-owned business, we at MOMU take pride in our exceptional range of furniture, meticulously designed and made to infuse your spaces with timeless elegance and utmost comfort.


The Art of Crafting Melbourne Furniture

At the core of MOMU's philosophy lies a commitment to sustainable practices, capturing the essence of Melbourne design in every handcrafted piece. Our furniture showroom in Clayton is a testament to this ethos, where the expertise of our Melbourne-based furniture designers comes to life in a plethora of forms, including contemporary furniture, bespoke sofas, and stylish home office solutions.

Craftsmanship at MOMU is not a mere process—it’s an art. It is evident in our custom furniture; every dining table, console table, and sofa is a piece of sculptural beauty, echoing the passion of Richard Gasking, who laid the foundation of our Melbourne furniture legacy. His sons, Marcel and Lec, continue to ensure that your furniture is a blend of international allure and local artisanship.


A Showcase of Versatile and Sustainable Design

With our Melbourne design flair, we offer a diverse furniture range. Delight in the versatility of a modular sofa, where each sofa from our Melbourne collection invites you to rearrange your living space on a whim, exuding comfort and finesse.

For a splash of luxury furniture, consider our range of leather sofas, made with the finest quality materials to ensure durability that endures. And for homes in Sydney, Perth, or beyond, these quintessential examples of Melbourne's design furniture provide an unmatched sense of elegance and high-quality refinement.

Tailored Elegance: Custom-Made Furniture Just for You

True to our Australian design pedigree, MOMU goes beyond offering standard solutions. Our bespoke furniture service allows you to complement your personal style with custom-designed pieces. Our Melbourne craftsmen tailor each sofa, desk, or bookcase to meet your specific desires, ensuring that each piece of furniture sings a song of elegance and functionality.

Transformative Furniture Pieces for Every Home

While our furniture Melbourne portfolio prominently features our Melbourne-made sofas and designer furniture, it doesn't end there. Our L-shaped couches carve out cozy corners in smaller rooms, and our sofa beds epitomize practicality without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. As for our designer coffee tables and ottomans, they stand as the sculptural centerpiece to any living room, marrying utility with Australian furniture artistry.

Visit Us and Experience Fine Melbourne Craftsmanship

Looking to elevate your living space with pieces that speak volumes of Melbourne furniture design? Our doors are open, no appointment necessary, at 65 Renver Rd., Clayton VIC 3168—just a stone's throw from Melbourne's iconic MCG. Our welcoming Melbourne showroom invites you to explore and celebrate a universe of beautiful furniture that promises to be a part of your life for decades to come. Feel free to contact us and embark on a journey to find your perfect made-to-order fixture that encapsulates the best of contemporary furniture and Melbourne's furniture manufacturing excellence.



Email us at, or visit us Thursday to Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Let us guide you through our furniture pieces, assisting you in discovering the perfect color, texture, and custom options to make your MOMU piece a testament to quality design and exceptional Melbourne craftsmanship.


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