We’re Wild about Waldo!



Most of us use Instagram these days, not just for seeing what celebrities are wearing but for information and inspiration. One account that we follow is @waldodesigns.

Waldo Fernandez is an LA based designer who gets a lot of press for the celebrity homes he does. They’re not glitzy and you might be surprised to see the beautiful home that Kendall Jenner lives in as recently featured in Architectural Digest (our bible).

His style leans toward Hollywood glamour, but with an element of earthiness as well, mixing old and new pieces together in an eminently sophisticated way. We love him! Nothing he does is faddish and it won’t have to be redone in a few years, which is what we aim for with our furniture design.

We all want to make better choices these days; to choose things that will last, that won’t have to be replaced in a few years. Investing in locally made furniture; buying a custom made sofa or coffee table isn’t cheap but it’s going to be something that you keep for a very long time and gives you pleasure every day.

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Waldo’s interiors look amazing. I’ll be sure to follow him.


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