Interior Design Service

Making Dream Homes Real

Our design service is tailored to your needs, whether you are downsizing to apartment life or moving up to a larger space.

We’re here to help with measurements and furniture selection, to get the right sized pieces to create a practical and comfortable space.

Next comes colour and fabric selection to create ambiance, and lastly adding the finishing touches. We can help you choose the perfect lamps, cushions and accessories that reflect your personality and that say, ‘ This is my dream home’.

Book Your Consultation

Furniture that's right for your home

For your specific space and any existing furnishings.

Find the perfect fit

With customisation recommendations and a detailed CAD drawing showing how each customised piece will fit.

We got style

With fabric and stain recommendations to match or complement your existing space, furniture and furnishings.

Everything about decor

With recommendations on window furnishings and decorations for the perfect final touches.

How it works

The design team.

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